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Bianca: Ok, it's my turn to talk about how sexy I find Pavan Grover. I have a crush on him, I admit it I would love to work at his office as maybe a medical asistant? I would love to hear what he has to say, as I am sure he is extremely smart.

Cynthia: I would love to talk to him too but probably wouldn't hear anything he said as I would be staring into those baby blues the whole time. He is EYE CANDY indeed!

Bianca: I still am amazed that he actually won a National Award from the Ckinton's at the White House for his medical acheivments. I am sure his wife is very proud of him! I heard she is a doctor too, am I right? Wow!

Cynthia: Yep, Hot, hot, hot!!! That's all I have to say..... I wish Dr. Grover could read this awesome chat site, but I hope I am not embarrassing him with all these sexy commrnts about him!
I guess he will understand that that is what fans like to talk about, OK? I am just so grateful to you Ann for giving me a forum to tell the world what I feel about my fave boy, Grover!!!!

Ann: Oh you are so welcome...Thanks for the nice new pictures of the good doc...I'll always edit the pictures to fit this talk site and I will post the big ones on the fan site we are making of Dr. Grover.
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Amanda: pic-grover.bmp
I learned some great things about Dr. Grover today. Not only did he receive tremendous national media attention when he took on the suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian on CNN's LARRY KING LIVE, his extensive work in medicine has been featured on the THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL, CNN, ABC World News Tonight, CBS, and NBC. He has also led breakthrough research in an FDA study on intractable angina and spinal cord stimulators. Can you believe CNN and the national television networks covered the surgery where Dr. Grover successfully implanted a stimulator in the patient's spine. Oh My!!!

He has also been featured in the New York Times, USA today, Reuters, Detroit free press, and India Today too! So this is the other side of Dr. Pavan Grover that impresses me too!


Amanda: It's really amazing how much buzz I am hearing about Dr. Grover. Yes, I agree with you, Ann, I really do love the new Pavan Grover fan websites I have seen on the internet. pavmoviesetshot
I also happened to get this photo off of that website you gave us the link to. Thanks for the lead! Man, those beautiful eyes of Dr. Grover get me every time! They have the intensity of Al Pacino and Mel...they all use their eyes so expressively in their scenes to convey all that emotion and craziness!
I still am amazed at how someone can be such a talented doctor, creative writer AND a naturally endowed actor, and still be so down to earth. I read some of the interviews on the net, and he seems really modest. Someone with awesome talent combined with good values certainly deserves success. You are an inspiration to all of us Dr. Grover!!!

Dolly: I am new to this website, and wow it is just teaming with gorgeous men! I checked out some of your links and I am enjoying the chats! This Pavan Grover guy is "da bomb", I love his fanclub site too very much! I am just learning about this guy from reading these sites. After seeing his handsome face, wondering why I never knew about him before! But I really would like to find out more. Let me tell you this did more than pique my curiosity! I will tell all my friends about this website.

Karen Winters: Ann- thanks for all the postings on Dr. Grover-- I worked at a hospital with him a few years ago and got to tell you he is a dream. This guy is 100% perfect. Brains, Looks, Personality- he has it all. And the movie, Unspeakable, I saw this weekend- absolutely great. MGM has it listed as a Summer 2004 release in DVD I noticed, so everyone can have their own copy.
Someone asked if Gupta's mom helps him with business affairs and if that is common in Indian families. All of the Indian physicians at our hospital indeed have families engaged to help when possible, in various capacities. So, I bet if you were to call CNN, their are other Gupta's also. (Too bad we lost a lot of the family spirit over the years in business in the US) When I knew Pavan, nobody told him what "to do" actually. He is quite intelligent and always followed his own instincts. Met his mom once, a PHD I think, and she too is beautiful. Some families just have it all. I am glad we now have fan pages for Dr. Grover and I love seeing him at the top of your page Ann. With him on it, you will likely win a website award yourself.

Sindhu Kumar: Karen, CNN does not have another anchor by the last name of Gupta other than Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Yeah, most of the Indian men and women get plenty of support from their families. I am sure that when Sanjay attended medical school, his parents helped him to pay at least part of his tuition.

Ann: Thanks Karen Winters....Dr. Pavan Grover makes a great new man to talk about at Talk Of Men....and as you can tell we love Doctors. I been a Gupta Girl going on a year now...Hey wait a minute...I'm the original Gupta Girl...Sindhu is my first in command...He He...Just kidding Sindhu.

Ann: Thanks Bianca


Ann: Dr. Pavan Grover fan sites are starting to pop up all over the Internet and the Grover fans are excited.... Read some sweet comments from one of his fans about the new Grover fan site she found. This Doctor is becoming a very loved man on the internet.

Katrina: You won't believe this guys, but I think I hit the jackpot! I just found this Pavan Grover fan website. Here is the link:
I learned a lot about him! I think the fan site for Dr. Grover is still under construction. But it looks like it will be cool though! About time

Ann: Katrina.....Thanks for the link.....I just found that site and it's awesome....I love the picture page....Do you know who edits that site?..It's a lot like the ones I make....I use free servers and as well.....They make nice templates...don't forget Grover Girls....or Grover fans....we are working on a fan site for him too and it is still under construction ...I wanted to see his movie this weekend....but it isn't playing in Nashville theaters or at least I couldn't find it. I'm sure I will find where it is playing soon and get my chance to see it.


Amanda: Everyone is talking about the film Unspeakable! Dr. Pavan Grover has top billing with the legendary Dennis Hopper. Word from Houston, I just found out Dr. Grover was all over major network Television on ABC, NBC, FOX and major spanish stations Telemundo and the #1 spanish TV station, the very hip Univision. We get those in L.A. too.

Oh I want those pics of Grover on TV if anyone out there can send me some! Check out this great movie poster. Pavan's pic is bigger than Hopper's! What an amazing accomplishment.
Oh and by the way I got permission from the theatre owner to take the earlier thread's photograph. The manager checked with his corporate office, so don't worry Ann.

Meenu:Pavan Grover is not only handsome but very talented. I read that he was very nice to every person on the movie set. So humble. Not like the typical spoiled actor. I am very impressed. How does he get the doctor stuff done AND have time for his acting? He has excelled n BOTH fields! I heard the name "Rennaissance Man" applied to him. I want to see more of this sexy guy.

You are right Meenu, did you know that for all his work in the medical field, Dr. Grover was given an honorary award by the Clinton's at the White House. He also appeared on the Larry King Live show fighting Jack Kevorkian. Grover has saved many patient lives by helping successfully treat their debilitating chronic pain, thereby preventing people from seeking Kevorkian to end their life. Dr. Grover is a great humanitarian, now does that make him sexy or what?

Ann: Amanda or Dr. Grover fans...If you ever know of a time when Dr. Pavan Grover will be on TV doing a interview or just doing anything on TV, let me know the channel and the time and I will get you all the pictures you want of your beloved Dr. Grover...I can take pictures off of the television for you if I know when he is on...I went out looking for Unspeakable and couldn't find it here in my state...So maybe it's not playing here yet...I will keep looking.


Amanda: Yes grover girls it's me again with another simply hot photo of Dr. Pavan Grover. This is sexy in a bad boy sort of way. But we like him only if he stays a good, sweet boy for us! We love you very much....!

Ann: Good I'm glad you are excited Amanda....Cause you fans of Pavan Grover will be the ones who build that fan site of Dr. Grover....By coming up with thoses nice sweet comments and great pictures too...I wonder where your sources are from...I know this pictures was released from the film Dr. Grover just made...but where did you get that giant pretty picture of Dr. Grover's Blue eyes?....I haven't found that one on the internet yet...Amanda...You can be like our Dr. Pavan Grover Picture pimp.
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Ann: For all you Dr. Pavan Grover lovers there is a new fan site started for him... Here's the link:
Keep the love talk and the pictures coming and we will build him a nice fan site...This site is in the process of being built by Dr. Pavan Grover's fans. The sweet comments and pictures you gather will go on that site.

Sindhu Kumar: Pavan does have beautiful eyes. His wife's name is Shalini. Wonder if his new movie is being released nationwide. Then at least I could go and see it. Pavan had it screened in Houston as he is from there. He also happens to be a practicing physician (anesthesiologist/pain management). His script for unspeakable has been in the making for quite a while as you all know, his mother wanted him to become a doctor Andhe wanted to become an actor. My guess is that he heeded his mother's smart advice just incase acting did not pan out for him. So now that he is a successful physician and married man, his mother gave the ok for him and herself to have the movie self financed and shop the script around in Hollywood which is how he met Dennis Hopper and got him involved.

Manna Bellini: Love those baby blues too! I am going to buy tickets for Unspeakable too! I will beat you Sandra to the ticket line!!! Hi Sindhu not being from Houston, how did you find out all this info about Dr. Grover? You are a very good reporter. I know You are a Gupta girl too, yet you had the time to help us Grover fans find out with some interesting tidbits!

Sindhu Kumar: I found out about Dr. Grover from Asian variety show as they were featuring a 30 second commercial about his movie unspeakable. His biography was listed on (Indian American arts council which is based in New York). I am from New Orleans. There is a fairly medium sized Indian American community over here, not as big as in Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami. Since I am hooked on to the dish network and sony entertainment, i get to hear about news from those largely Indian American concentration cities. a Gupta girl, that I am to the hilt. It is also nice to have some Indian Americans (medical namely, Drs. Chopra, Gupta and Grover) making their mark in the political, legal, medical and entertainment areas. on a side note, Sunil Malhotra who was named as one of the sexiest Indian American men by Bibi magazine, is in the new cbs legal drama called century city which airs on Tuesday nights at 9e/8c. Go and be on the lookout for him.

Marina Ferre: Hi Sindhu kudos to you for finding out all the cool stuff about Dr. Grover I saw on the chat forum link. I was wondering if you knew personal details about Dr. Gupta too, tell me please. He is so cute. But does he also have his Mom telling him what to do too, I wonder if this is a common thread among Indian men? They are both Indian I take it.

Sheila: Hey even if Dr. Grover is married, we can still fantasize about him because it is all harmless and just fantasy, it's not like even if he was single I'd have a chance with him! But it is good to make believe, I'm sure she wouldn't mind. I'm sure guys fantasize about his wife too when they see her on the websites, and it's cool.
It's all in good fun!


Amanda: OK I tried to take a picture of Dr. Grover in a scene off of the movie in the AMC theatre. Sorry for the blur, but you can still see those awesome cheekbones of this handsome man! Control yourself girls! Wow that was a really powerful scene between Pavan Grover and Dennis Hopper, that's when he told Hopper off bigtime!

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Ann: Doesn't it look like doctors are becoming the new loved men? Well maybe on this talk site they are anyway ...I'm waiting for the day when Doctors are more adored and talked about than actors....These two doctors are getting a lot of attention on the internet from their fans...Dr. Sanjay Gupta of course has been a long time beloved favorite on this talk site and now comes Dr. Pavan Grover...I was kidding around with the Gupta Girls yesterday, the Gupta Girls are the fans of Dr. Gupta, and I told them we were going to have to starts calling Dr. Grover's fans Grover Girls....I will warn you Grover fans we love Dr. Gupta...It's OK to love your Dr. Grover....But don't ever say he's better than our beloved Dr. Gupta or there will be a fun little war. Read some of these comments I have been reading on the internet about these two men.

Scarlet Termite: Can Dr.Gupta lay his sexy hands on me and cure my head cold?

Katrina: I also saw some cool info at the website for the movie Everyone will surely see that Dr. Pavan Grover is hotter than Dr. Sanjay Gupta. C'mon gals, you need to see these pics!

Delenn: Dr. Grover is not sexier than our sweet Sanjay. He just isn't. Sorry Grover Girls.

Katrina: I think there is a link on his website, Sanjay Gupta you are no match for Pavan Grover, who is the hottest man on earth!!!!

Keziah: I still think Sanjay's cuter.


OK folks....You have got to go check out this website... I just posted a link to it up above...I don't know who made this website...but it wasn't talk webzine. They are acting like it is a beauty contest between Dr. Pavan Grover and Dr. Sanjay Gupta....OK now Gupta Girls...You know this means Gupta lov'in war....We can't let them say any man is finer than our God Gupta. God Gupta is by all means the finest Doctor God Man in town...We must fight this medical man war with all of our Gupta God love talk. Please Dr. Pavan Grover fans...It is Ok to say your Dr. God Grover man is fine too...but don't ever say he is finer than our Gupta God or we will just have to blow our stinky snotty noses on you. This message comes to you from Ann...A deep lov'in Dr. Gupta God lov'in freak. Yeah....There's a lot of love in there.

Sindhu: I did visit the site girls and yes we have a war on our hands.

Ann: I hope you Grover fans notice this is all in good fun....BUT DR. SANJAY GUPTA IS THE BEST LOOKING DOCTOR ON THIS WEBSITE. Just my opinion....Dr. Pavan Grover is melt my heart fine too...But in a good ole Grover fans vs. Gupta fans just for fun talk fight...We Gupta Girls would win this war...Because there are way to many Gupta Girls on the internet. And than the Billy babies would come over and stick up for God Gupta too...So don't pick on our beloved Dr. Gupta...Gupta girls get fangy when folks do that. :-)

Again this is just in good fun.

PS: I have a tattoo of Dr. Gupta on my ass...So don't mess with me.


Amanda: I want to see Dr. Pavan Grover at the top!!! Is this the most innocent face? Great photo, and he is looking so lovingly at the photographer!!! I am so glad I found this photo and want to share it with all you fans out there! Tell me what you think.

Ann: Wow Amanda...Great picture of Dr. Grover....I had to make it a little smaller to fit on the page...I never knew he had such pretty blue eyes...Thanks for the picture...I will post the big one on a fan site for him...Ok?


Amanda: Hey check out this new pic I found of Pavan Grover. He looks so different in every picture! That;s probably why he is a very good actor! Unspeakable is a good movie, I saw it in Los Angeles by the way at the AMC theatre! He doesn't even look Indian to me.

Diana McMasters: OK can someone answer this question about Dr. Pavan Grover? Who is Mimmi Grover and Shalini K. Grover. I saw their names on the website under the Unspeakable Movie Poster banner. I looked the names up and one of them is on IMDB, quite beautiful. Are they related to Dr. Grover? Can anyone tell me. Just curious.

Cynthia: Hey check this out, someone started their own talk topic on this "Pavan Grover is HOT" website. I just found it on a search engine!
Here it is:
Ann Stewart: I don't know the answer to that Diane...Wish I did...but I thought I would post your question out here so every one could see it and maybe some one will know the answer...Cynthia that is great about a blog for Pavan...Don't forget folks we have a new talk site for Pavan too...Here's the link...And Amanda thanks for the post as well...You and Sara keep up the good work....I'm working part time and going to school full time so it's hard to keep up with all the talk on this site...I thank you for all the comments and post.

Sindhu Kumar: Welcome aboard: all you Dr. Pavan Grover lovers. Me, I love watching dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN, and now Dr. Pavan Grover. It's good to have a doctor as an actor and writer (Dr. Grover) and another doctor who is a medical correspondent (Sanjay). Now, would not we all want to be around those specimens of gentlemen.

Tiffani: Ok we ALL don't want to do LOVE talk, specifically. How about we can all be fans without having to be in love with the guy. I respect it if he doesn't let success get to his head, like being desperately needy for attention. I think down to earth guys are sexier, like Sanjay. I like Indian guys too, they are hot hot hot; They also have really good values, respecting their culture.

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